MCU-Coatings® for Dams and Hydro application

MCU-Coatings systems exceed 20.000 hours salt fog exposure, providing the best service life of any coating systems for dams and locks. The build in greater flexibility allows structure vibrations without cracking of the coating and allows serious impacts by floating objects without mechanical damage. Together with the proven cathodic and barrier protection, makes it MCU-Coatings the best choice for Dam and lock applications.

MCU-Coatings® for Transmission lines application

Transmission lines need an easy and fast to apply and durable coating system for new builds and an extreme tolerant primer for over-coating old flexible coating for maintenance. Many major projects, new build and over-coating, were successfully painted in a 2 layer system.

MCU-Coatings® for Windmills application

Windmills is a big market these days and there are many coating players on the new builds… but recent major study and testing showed considerable savings, potentially millions of Euros, for major wind mill builders when using MCU-Coatings for their new coat and repair specifications. The ease of application including; one component, fast over-coating and surface tolerance save so much man-hours that MCU-Coatings became a natural choice for maintenance.

When new build are immediately painted with MCU-Coatings, the longer life-cycle, higher adhesion and flexibility will on top avoid premature failures.

MCU-Coatings® for Concrete Cooling Tower application

Many concrete Cooling towers these days are becoming aged and in poor condition and need reparations and recoating. The high humidity and moisture content in the concrete makes MCU-Coatings as a natural for these repainting projects. Hundreds of towers are reconditioned with MCU-Coatings over the years.